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FC / FI Neostar

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Efficient dry cooler

The need for cooling in industrial production has been growing continuously for decades. In addition, the requirements in industry and manufacturing are becoming increasingly diverse and complex. Whether process, test bench or machine cooling, food production or deep-freeze storage - specialist knowledge and experience are essential for application-oriented advice and equipment. As a climate specialist, we offer customer-specific solutions for maximum efficiency, combined with high availability and a long service life with minimal operating costs.

FC / FI NEOSTAR - Rückkühler / Notkühler / Tischkühler von LENNOX

Compactness and high efficiency

FI NEOSTAR "Industry"
Low pressure drop and high capacity
Wide range up to 1,200 kW, optimized head loss

Main applications: air conditioning, free cooling, co-generation, power plants, process, industry and cooling all kinds of fluids compatible with copper, with a maximum inlet temperature of 100°C.

Segment Process, Industry
Family Air cooled Coil
Product Dry Cooler
Type Axial
Performance Range 20 > 870 kW
Fluid Glycolic water
E Solutions Energy efficiency, Low noise level, Natural cooling media
Eurovent Certified product

The casing is made of galvanized, as well as white pre-painted, galvanized sheet steel. The use of stainless steel screws guarantees excellent, long-lasting corrosion resistance (standard ISO 7253) and aesthetic quality. All components used have successfully passed the salt mist corrosion and Kesternich tests. The units are delivered screwed to a wooden base. Full crate packaging in option.

The FC/FI NEOSTAR range is equipped with 2 speed external rotor fans units 400V/3/50Hz (star or delta coupling) - Class F.
The FCH/FIH NEOSTAR range is equipped with 2 speed external rotor fans units 400V/3/50Hz (star or delta coupling) - Class H.
These motors are of the type 400V/3/50Hz, sealed, IP54,compliant with standard EN 60529 and permanently lubricated. The motor fan units are wired as standard and factory connected as follows:
  • 1 to 3 electrical boxes for the models L (motors connected in series),
  • 2 to 8 electrical boxes for the models P (motors connected in parallel).
We are also able to deliver the units unwired upon request (option SCU).
Fan guards are compliant with safety standards.
EC type of motor fan units (MEC) is also optional available and enables optimised operation of your installation.
Fans units with special voltage ratings (FC/FI NEOSTAR):
  • M60: Fan motor 400 V/3/60Hz, IP54, class F, in version 06P Ø 910 mm
  • M26: Fan motor 230 V/3/60Hz, IP54, class F, in version 06P Ø 910 mm
  • M25: Fan motor 230 V/3/50Hz, IP54, class F, in version 06P and 12P Ø 800 mm

The dry coolers are equipped with coils with the following characteristics:
  • Copper tubes in a staggered arrangement and corrugated aluminium ns for optimum heat transfer.
  • Headers with air vents and drain plugs.
  • Connections: steel pipe, anges.
  • Vinyl protection (BAE) or Blygold Polual XT protection (BXT) offering greater corrosion resistance when used in aggressive atmospheres.

  • Simple and cheap installation (steel pipes)
  • low maintenance costs due to direct driven fans
  • no air and water bacteria contamination
  • no water consumption
  • no steam production
  • flexible use in winter time
  • easy control of fluid temperature in winter time.

An optimised solution (noise level, energy consumption, size, type of temperature control...) due to multiple selection possibilities.

The performance of a dry cooler depends strongly on the operating conditions. With our selection software it is possible to select the most suitable dry cooler for your needs. Please contact us.